Omar Khadr is a convicted and self-confessed terrorist. He admitted to killing U.S. Army Medic Christopher Speer with a grenade, and was video-taped building improvised explosive devices (IEDs) exactly like the ones that have killed Canada’s men and women in uniform.

Now Justin Trudeau has made Khadr one of the wealthiest men in Canada after his Liberal government handed him more than ten million taxpayer dollars. Justin Trudeau tried hiding this deal from the public, and Canadians only found out about it because of a leak within the Liberal government. Now the Liberals won’t even confirm any of the details of the deal.

Canadians know this is wrong. And they have questions. Such as…

Did Justin Trudeau work with Khadr’s lawyers to time the payment while the Prime Minister was out of the country?

Did Justin Trudeau know about the payment before the Parliament rose?

Why won't Ralph Goodale acknowledge that Canadians deserve to know the details of the payment?

Justin Trudeau claims to be open and transparent, so why did he hide this from Canadians?

Giving $10.5 million to a convicted terrorist is a slap in the face to Canada’s brave armed forces, does Justin Trudeau understand this?

Justin Trudeau apologized to Omar Khadr, but when will he apologize to Christopher Speer’s widow and children?

How long were Liberal lawyers and Khadr’s lawyers talking about a settlement?

If the details of the settlement were never leaked, when was Justin Trudeau going to tell Canadians about it? If ever?

Was it a coincidence details of this deal didn’t emerge until after Canada Day celebrations – when Trudeau was out of the country?

Myths vs. Facts

MYTH: It had to be a $10 million payout now or $20 million payout later.

FACT: That is simply not true. No outcome of a legal case is ever a foregone conclusion. The reality is Justin Trudeau chose not to fight this at all. He did not take it to court – he settled it out of court, choosing instead to quietly hand Omar Khadr $10.5 million in the middle of the night.

MYTH: The courts said in 2008 & 2010 that Khadr was entitled to this payout.

FACT: In 2008 and 2010, the Supreme Court made a decision on the issue of Khadr’s charter rights. The Supreme Court never set out any terms for financial compensation.

MYTH: Conservative inaction led to this outcome.

FACT: Omar Khadr was captured and sent to Guantanamo Bay when the Liberals were in power in 2002. He was brought back to Canada in 2012, under our Conservative government, to serve out the remainder of his sentence in Canadian custody.

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